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Madre is a collection of Dee’s work over five years (2007 – 2011). The anthology consists of thirteen titles of poems and short fictions . . .

The Book


Madre is a collection of Dee’s work over five years (2007 – 2011). The anthology consists of thirteen titles of poems and short fictions.

Madre: Tansen Roy Wuisan never expected an inheritance from a grandfather he never knew he had. Tansen didn’t even know he had a Chinese descendant in his ancestry. Yet, a man named Tan Sin Gie left him a key. The key belonged to an antique refrigerator kept in an old bakery. Tansen who had been enjoying his carefree life in Bali, suddenly owned a jar of 75-year-old motherdough named Madre left to his care. Tan’s old bakery, Tan De Bakker, was also left to a caretaker, the most loyal ex-employee named Hadi who believed Tansen also inherited extraordinary bread making talents and taught him how to make bread from the Madre motherdough. An ambitious woman, Mei Tanuwidjaja from Fairy Bread company, came into the picture. Unlike Tansen, Mei was eager to purchase Madre. Hadi, along with other Tan De Bakker ex-employees tried to convince Tansen to revive the old bakery and claim his rights on Madre.

The Amniotic Jungle: A unique love letter written by a mother to the embryo growing in her womb. The story reflects the magnificient human journey from nothingness to birth.

Have You Ever?: Howard traveled to Byron Bay, Australia. A letter from a woman who believed they were lovers from past life had triggered him to look for an answer. It wouldn’t be so difficult if only Howard were single. Unfortunately, he was already married. Accompanied by a friend he met in Byron beach, Darma, Howard went to the lighthouse to find a sign that would light a way out.

A Bowl Of Pickles For Love And God: Two most complicated questions: what is love and what is God, answered in such simple and rather hilarious way.

Guruji: Ari and Ari were so perfect together. They were inseparable, until one of them found a different calling and transformed into this person called Guruji. The other Ari was devastated and yearning for her lost love. She tried to find ways to turn Guruji back into Ari she used to know.

Waiting For A Kite: Che and Starla never had problem as long as they didn’t talk about Starla’s complex love life. But when Starla grew close to Rako, Che’s best friend, Che was willing to put his friendship with Starla on stake. Che desperately tried to safe Rako. What unfolded instead was beyond their expectations.

Other poems and short proses in this anthology: A Woman And Her Secret, The Memory Of You, The Face Of The Lake, My Question To The Bamboo Tree, 33, A Conversation On A Bridge, and Maybe It’s Love.




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The Movie

Tansen (Vino G. Bastian) found his whole life and identity changed in a single day. A man he never knew called Tan Sin Gie claimed to be his grandfather and left him an inheritance. From Tan’s appointed lawyer, Tansen received a key and an address. The address led him to an old bakery once known as Tan De Bakker. An ex-employee named Hadi (Didi Petet) welcomed him. The key was meant to open a refrigerator where a jar of 75 year old motherdough named Madre was kept inside. Madre was the heart of Tan De Bakker. Not knowing what to do with Madre, Tansen was ready to go back to Bali and his carefree life as a surfer. Hadi tried to stop him by explaining how precious Madre was. He believed Tansen had a bigger purpose.

One of Tansen’s blog visitors, Meilan Tanuwidjaja (Laura Basuki) who owned a big chain bakery called Fairy Bread, found out about Tansen’s visit to Tan De Bakker. Mei was determined to buy Madre from Tansen, offering him a sweet deal.

Tempted by Mei’s offer, Tansen was willing to sell Madre. Hadi and the rest of Tan De Bakker’s ex-employees were brokenhearted. Hadi held a farewell party and invited his co-workers; Djoko (Gatot H. Dwiyono), Cory (Titi Qadarsih), Dedeh (Lisa H. Pandansari), and Sum (Savitri Nooringhati), hoping Tansen would change his mind.

But, Tansen was not easy to convince. Moreover, Tansen found more reason to leave when he knew Mei was already engaged to James (Framly Nainggolan). Tansen left Tan De Bakker and Madre behind. Mei and Hadi worked their way out to ensure Tansen would continue his legacy.


Mizan production


Benni Setiawan


Fachmi J. Saad


Benni Setiawan


Asnawi Khaddaf


Andhika Triyadi


Vino G. Bastian, Laura Basuki, Didi Petet, Titi Qadarsih, Gatot H. Dwiyono, Lisa H. Pandansari, Savitri Nooringhati, Framly Nainggolan.


Madre: What Comes Around a Slice Bread (Jakarta Post)